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Get Personalised

Our unique mobile phone customizing services gives each and every one of our customers a personal touch. We give you the chance to recreate your beloved phone how ever you want it, there is no limit. Our phone how become so important to us in the modern days that we should give it a VIP treatment to stand out from the crowd, or even express yourself. From simple colour change or blinging it out. Its simple you decide and we do all the work. 

Be Unique

Make it Personal

'' I got my girlfriend an iPhone 5 24ct Gold for christmas and it was the best gift she said she have ever got. 24ct gold with crystal bezel and our anniversary date on the back to give it that personal sentimentle touch. I was so pleased with the iPhone and the price was so much more reasonable compared to the other companies I looked at"

- John Anderson


"VIP Treatments for you and your phone at not-so-VIP prices"



24ct Gold iPhone 5

VIP customisation

Now available instore!


Data Recovery
Recover lost, damaged and deleted data
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